Monday, 17 November 2014

PROJECT LIFE | June 2013 (part 1)

I'm back again to share another spread as promised. 

I'm working backwards from November 2013 (because December had way too many photos for me to even fathom). I am a third of the way through June 2013.

I finished this one last night:

I have even included a selfie lol. Nor did I realise how dirty the bathroom mirror was until I printed the photo. 

So here's a close up of the LHS:

Stamps from Kellie Stamps. 4x6 filler card from Paislee Press.

Not a lot of journalling needed for the above photos. I did however include a month in review card to detail a few of the main "events" from the month.

Stamps from Kellie Stamps: RAD and Mon - Fri (retired)

Here's the RHS:

It was really nice to have a few photos of Mr 10 because it is not unusual for him to literally run away the minute the camera comes out. Not to mention the sneaky pic of hubby as well.

All stamps from Kellie Stamps

I'll be furiously (but happily!) editing more photos tonight. 

Wish me luck for a productive night. Wishing you a productive and restful evening xx

PS. I have also joined the Project Life Link Up here at the Day to Day blog. Pop on over and join in!

PROJECT LIFE | Individual Pages for my little dudes

I have been lucky enough to spend my Sunday afternoon editing photos. It was a very hot day in Brisbane and I hate to admit it, but we had the air conditioner on for most of the day. 

As many of you know, along with the monthly pages I do for our family album, I also do a single page each month for the boys'  individual albums.  

Here's a quick look at some recent monthly pages I have completed for my little dudes. 

Here is the page for Mr 7: 

All stamps by Kellie Stamps. Calendar card from Paislee Press.

I have mostly used the RAD stamp set from Kellie Stamps but that FAVOURITE stamp on the bottom right is actually from this year's Christmas release called JOY.

And here is the page for Mr 10s album for July 2013: 

All stamps by Kellie Stamps, Calendar card by Paislee Press.

I'm pleased with the amount of journalling I was able to include in this page. There were many proud and special moments with my boy and I am glad I was able to record it all for him (and me).

Lookie what I ordered last week? This is the EPIC set from Kellie. I am now waiting impatiently for it to arrive (along with a few wood mounts too). The "I like naps" stamp I especially love.

Photo courtesy of Kellie Stamps

Anyways, I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Thanks for visiting! And keep an eye out for a few new spreads on the blog soon xx 

Saturday, 25 October 2014

PROJECT LIFE | July 2013 overview pages (part 2)

I hope you have had a lovely Saturday so far. 

I've been catching up on housework as I've had a terribly sore neck and shoulder since Thursday. Who would have thought sleeping could be such a dangerous activity!? I must have slept on it weird and aggravated something. But I'm back washing and vacuuming like nobody's business lol. 

Today, I'm sharing part 2 of my July 2013 overview pages. You can see part 1 here, and the July event pages here, and here

Here is the last of my July 2013 overview pages. 

The LHS: 

Supplies: Dear Lizzy paper (Polka Dot Creative), Stamp (Kellie Stamps),
Digital Card (Paislee Press), Jillibean Soup alphas (The Stamp Spot).

And the RHS:

Supplies: Dear Lizzy paper (Polka Dot Creative), RAD Stamp Set (Kellie Stamps)

I showed these pages to my husband and he said he really loves that I have recorded these little things that the boys say. I have to admit I do too.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, the RAD stamp set from Kellie Stamps is my favourite right now. The font used for "LOVE THIS" is really really cool. 

The  other thing I like to use are quote cards! This one is from Kate Knapp's "A little bird told me" affirmation cards. This is one of my favourite sets from her.

So that's my July 2013 compete for the family album. I will still do a page each for the boys' albums with a few photos i haven't used in these pages here but that won't take too long. And now onto June 2013. I'm working backwards which is a bit odd but I'm sticking to it.

I haven't started 2014 yet. I'm not sure how I feel about that just yet, so I'm just going to keep plodding along with last year's for now.

Thanks again for dropping in xx 

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

PROJECT LIFE | July 2013 overview pages (part 1)

I'm sharing another spread from July 2013 today. I have one more double page spread to finish the month. 

It has been tricky finding time to sit down and do my Project Life over the past month. There is always something that needs attending to, so I have been sneaking in little bits here and there. Rarely would I have a block of time to craft unless it is very late at night, by which time I am well and truly knackered. 

Isaac and my birthdays are only 4 days apart, with mine on the 18th and his on the 22nd of July. This means July always has lots of photos! 

In my pocket page albums, I dedicate pages or spreads to events (ie. birthdays, family outings, day trips) and then a few double spreads as a monthly overview.

This spread is the first lot of my July 2013 overview pages. 

The LHS: 

Stamp from Kellie Stamps

And the RHS:

All stamps from Kellie Stamps. Jillibean Soup alphas from The Stamp Spot.


You may notice I have included a few quotes from the boys on the LHS page. 

I have no strict process for recording what they say because they say the funniest things at the most inconvenient times! ie. when I don't pen & paper or my phone handy.

But generally I will write on whatever i can get my hands on the quickest, or if I have my phone, I will type straight into Evernote.  

When it comes time to scrap my monthly overview photos, I will go back into Evernote and grab the quotes for the relevant month and format in Photoshop ready for printing.

RAD stamp set from Kellie Stamps and Jillibean Soup alphas from The Stamp Spot.

I have already printed the photos for the last spread for July 2013 so I am almost there! Hopefully it will be ready to share soon.

Thanks again for dropping in xx